Jorg Kammerhofer (Freiburg): Hans Kelsen in Post-Modern International Legal Scholarship. From Postmodern Openings, Antonio Pele (UC3): Understanding Human Dignity Redux; and Magdalena Roxana Necula, Simona Irina Damian, and Ovidiu Buena (UMFIASI): Humanist Therapies in Postmodernity. Industrially farmed and produced food has made Americans grow fatter over the past 40 years — the same business techniques and their medically disastrous effects are now being exported around the world. From Life’s Little Mysteries, why does wine go with cheese? Scientists have discovered why the world's most famous food pairings, from wine and cheese to meat sandwiches and a pickle, combine an astringent food with a fatty food. Anatoly Zak on the rest of the rocket scientists: Some went west — this is the story of the ones who went east. How does the language we speak affect the way we think? John A. Lucy’s unique answers to this question derive from his finding a middle ground between the opposing nativist universalist point of view and empiricist relativist stand. Factchecking is impossible, pointless, say factcheckers.