Julie A. Nelson (UMass): Are Women Really More Risk-Averse than Men? From Biology of Sex Differences, Christopher P Morgan and Tracy L Bale (UPenn): Sex Differences in microRNA Regulation of Gene Expression: No Smoke, Just MiRs; Israel Abramov, James Gordon, Olga Feldman, and Alla Chavarga (CUNY): Sex and Vision I: Spatio-temporal Resolution; and Sex and Vision II: Color Appearance of Monochromatic Lights. Neurohormonal wars: Mary Stewart van Leeuwen on old questions and dubious debates in the psychology of gender. New research finds men and women feel sympathy for fictional characters for different reasons. The eyes have it: Men do see things differently to women. Men, who needs them? Women are both necessary and sufficient for reproduction; men are neither. Sex matters: Guys recognize cars and women recognize birds best. Peter Blair on the end of men: The end of women too? From International Viewpoint, Josette Trat on the question of sexual difference and Jane Kelly on postmodernism and feminism. Nigel Warburton interviews Paul Seabright, author of The War of the Sexes: How Conflict and Cooperation Have Shaped Men and Women from Prehistory to the Present (and more).