Justin Desautels-Stein (Colorado): Race as a Legal Concept. Mary Ziegler (SLU): Roe’s Race: The Supreme Court, Population Control, and Reproductive Justice. Stacey Marlise Gahagan and Alfred L. Brophy (UNC): Reading Professor Obama: The Syllabus on “Current Issues in Racism and the Law”. Jonathan Feingold (UCLA): Racing Towards Colorblindness: Stereotype Threat and the Myth of Meritocracy. Leslie Yalof Garfield (Pace): The Inevitable Irrelevance of Affirmative Action Jurisprudence. Is the Supreme Court ready to end affirmative action? Emily Bazelon wonders. David Cole on the Roberts Court taking on racial justice. Is affirmative action necessary in 2012? Richard Sander and Stuart Taylor Jr. on the painful truth about affirmative action: Why racial preferences in college admissions hurt minority students — and shroud the education system in dishonesty (and more). Race v. Class: What kind of affirmative action is worth fighting for? Jeffrey Rosen on an affirmative action solution even conservatives should love. Supporters of affirmative action still have a legal path open to them — giving preference based on socioeconomic status. A review of The Post-Racial Ideal by Howard McGary.