Justin R. Pidot (Denver): Deconstructing Disaster. Alison Fitzgerald and Jonathan D. Salant on hiding the identities of mega-donors. What if genocide scholars have been approaching the field the wrong way? Kelly McFall interviews Christian Gerlach, author of Extremely Violent Societies in the Twentieth Century. Who’s the boss? New research shows the huge economic value of effective supervisors and the surprising ways they make workers more effective. Dylan Matthews interviews Peter Diamond on Social Security, privatization proposals and the grand bargain he’d like to see. What about fashion in the Soviet Union, during Khrushchev’s partial opening to the West? Julie Hessler reviews S’habiller a la sovietique: La mode et le Degel en URSS by Larissa Zakharova. Why do the Sunday shows suck so much? Paul Waldman on explaining the awfulness that is Meet the Press, This Week, and the rest. Svetlana Savranskaya on how Cuba almost became a nuclear power in 1962: The scariest moment in history was even scarier than we thought. M. Asher Cantrell on 13 disturbing news stories you probably missed.