Ravi Iyer (USC), and Matt Motyl, Shigehiro Oishi, Sophie Trawalter, and Brian A. Nosek (Virginia): How Moral Migration Geographically Segregates and Polarizes Groups. Why are states so red and blue? Steven Pinker on how theories about our right-wing and left-wing mind-sets don't explain why they are tied to geography. Blue states are from Scandinavia, red states are from Guatemala: Jonathan Cohn on a theory of a divided nation. Who really gives? Andrew Gelman on partisanship and charitable giving in the United States. Racial, ethnic and religious bigotry is often planted deep within a society, requiring a determined effort to root it out; however, there is inevitably resistance from forces that benefit from the presumed supremacy of one group over another, writes Lawrence Davidson. An excerpt from Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else by Chrystia Freeland (and more). Shadia B. Drury on the decay of American democracy. Eliza Gray on the mothership of all alliances: Scientology and the Nation of Islam, America’s two weirdest sects, join forces. Amy Sullivan on the growing Christian movement pushing back against Islamophobia.