Vahid V. Motlagh (WFSF): Shaping the Futures of Global Nonkilling Society. From CRB, Charles Kesler on the crisis of liberalism (and a response). Beyond Imperialism: Have we reached a new stage of capitalism? Greg Rose investigates. Alexander Gorlach reviews The Economics of Good and Evil by Thomas Sedlacek. What does the way you walk say about you? Psychologists explore the outer limits of first impressions. Shahidha Bari reviews Doing Psychoanalysis in Tehran by Gohar Homayounpour. History is just as important as science and engineering when it comes to fostering innovation and helping people to think analytically, says Sarah Dunant. The gas-rich country presents itself as open and modern, but Azerbaijan is not safe for activists and journalists fighting for free speech, says Natasha Schmidt. Don’t fear the fiscal cliff: CEOs may fear the expiration of the Bush tax cuts — but from jobs to home values, average Americans are doing better. Richard Seymour on Venezuela in the 21st century. Small businesses and income taxes: Higher rates on the rich don’t hurt small business hiring. Why CEOs love their jets: Daniel Gross on the distracting perks of flying high.