From Jacobin, General Gandhi on the yacht rock counterrevolution (and J. Temperance on yacht rock and libidinal subversion). A review of The Sounds of Capitalism: Advertising, Music, and the Conquest of Culture by Timothy D. Taylor. The Meaning of Muse: Steven Hyden on how a bloated, bombastic rock band explains our fracturing cultures. When alternative became mainstream: Dave Whitaker on music in the '90s. Imagine a world without a lot of easy jokes about Yoko Ono — it’s actually not that easy if you try. Trent Wolbe on the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Appreciating Carly Rae Jepsen for Dummies Maybe. Brad Tolinski interviews Jack White and Jimmy Page on what’s killing the humanity of performances, how the wrong teacher can “really mess you up”, and the power of the blues. From PopMatters, Colin McGuire writes in defense of Rush being in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, in defense of VH1’s “Behind the Music”, and in defense of the marriage between music and television. Two decades of rage: November marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Rage Against the Machine's self-titled debut album.