From Jacobin, James Livingston on how the Left has won, or, why is there still socialism in the United States? (and a response). From The Bullet, Max Bohnel interviews Ingar Solty on the U.S. Democratic Party and the Left. Emily Coolidge reviews Why America Needs A Left: A Historical Argument by Eli Zaretsky. Lessons of the American revolutionary left of the 1970s: Dan La Botz reviews Truth and Revolution: A History of the Sojourner Truth Organization, 1969-1986 by Michael Staudenmaier. An interview with Andy Price, author of Recovering Bookchin: Social Ecology and the Crises of Our Time. Janet Biehl on Murray Bookchin, the man who brought radical ecology and assembly democracy to the Left. Jeff Madrick on why the Left doesn't need a Rand and the Right shouldn't want another Reagan. Morris Berman on the waning of the modern ages. Anis Shivani on 5 principles for a 21st-century liberalism. An interview with Alan Colmes, author of Thank the Liberals for Saving America (and Why You Should). From Crisis, is totalitarian liberalism a mutant form of Christianity? Sheila M. Trask reviews Progressive Dystopia by Michael Ozga.