Pratheepan Gulasekaram (Santa Clara): Why a Wall? Robert D. Kaplan on how the border is vanishing as Mexico pushes north: Like it or not, Mexico is pushing north into the United States. Will Braun on the little imperialist on the prairie: From the very first page, Laura Ingalls Wilder gets it wrong. Languages are continually changing, not just words but also grammar: A recent study examines how such changes happen and what the changes can tell us about how speakers' grammars work. A look at how some bilingualisms are more equal than others. Who needs intellectuals? Kepa Artaraz on how it is at the time when the debate about who constitutes an intellectual seems to have finally come to an end that new champions of social change are needed more than ever. Richard Simmons reviews Exits, Voices and Social Investment: Citizens’ Reaction to Public Services by Keith Dowding and Peter John. The books that inspired John Van Reenen: “I think I always enjoy reading Conservative thinkers more than leftist ones. It’s much more fun to have books that really challenge your positions rather than confirming your prejudices”.