From Avant: The Journal of the Philosophical-Interdisciplinary Vanguard, a special section on musical practice. A group of experts on nonviolence from around the world gathered in New York to consider how those outside a country subject to dictatorship or repression might help those within it fighting for democracy; the result was The Outsider's Guide to Supporting Nonviolent Resistance to Dictatorship. Ghengis Khan, Mongolia’s most famous citizen, built a vast empire spanning from Korea to Eastern Europe; though ruthless in conquest, it was the largest empire in human history, and its impact, both cultural and political, has been much greater than many think. The Third Coast: From Brownsville to Tampa Bay, an economic powerhouse emerges. Jaime Menchen on how most European languages are “doomed to digital extinction”. An interview with U.S. Global Strike Commander Lt. Gen. James M. Kowalski on the state of nuclear deterrence. Examining the dark side of a feel-good industry: Jason Zasky interviews Hugh Sinclair, author of Confessions of a Microfinance Heretic: How Microlending Lost Its Way and Betrayed the Poor.