Greta Olson (Giessen): Issues in American Punitivity. From Mother Jones, a special report on solitary confinement from former hostage Shane Bauer. From the latest issue of The Jury Expert, a series of articles on false confessions. The execution of Carlos DeLuna: Gabriel O’Malley on preventing wrongful convictions. A gated community: At Angola, a game of golf comes with a spectacular view of Louisiana’s only maximum-security prison. David Wolman on the new economics of crime and punishment. From The Washington Monthly, David Dagan and Steven M. Teles on the Conservative War on Prisons: Right-wing operatives have decided that prisons are a lot like schools — hugely expensive, inefficient, and in need of root-and-branch reform; is this how progress will happen in a hyper-polarized world? A different death penalty: David R. Dow on life without parole. McCleskey's Omission: G. Ben Cohen on the racial geography of retribution. The Innocent Man: On August 13, 1986, Michael Morton came home from work to discover that his wife had been brutally murdered in their bed — his nightmare had only begun (and part 2). Welcome to "Crime," Slate's new crime blog about crime.