A new issue of the Journal for Critical Animal Studies is out. From New Formations, a special issue on the Animals Turn: Ethics, consciousness, systems, signs. Antonio M. Haynes (Cornell): “Dog on Man”: Are Bestiality Laws Justifiable? From Transhumanity, P. Tittle on the humanist view of animal rights. What do animals want? An interview with Marian Stamp Dawkins, author of Why Animals Matter. When does an animal count as a person? From THE, Christopher Belshaw reviews Animal Suffering: Philosophy and Culture by Elisa Aaltola; and Erika Cudworth reviews The Last Walk: Reflections on Our Pets at the End of Their Lives by Jessica Pierce. The kindness of beasts: Dogs rescue their friends and elephants care for injured kin — humans have no monopoly on moral behaviour. Chris Grezo on how animal abuse leads to human abuse. How should we treat non-human animals? Gary Francione argues that we need to abolish all use of animals. Tzachi Zamir reviews Without Offending Humans: A Critique of Animal Rights by Elisabeth De Fontenay. Germany plans to slap a fine of up to 25,000 euros on people having sexual relations with pets, but zoophiles plan to fight the move.