Javaid Rehman and Eleni Polymenopoulou (Brunel): Is Green a Part of the Rainbow? Sharia, Homosexuality and LGBT Rights in the Muslim World. Roland Hodler (Bern): The Political Economics of the Arab Spring. M. Shahid Ebrahim and Seema Makhdoomi (Bangor) and Mustapha Sheikh (Leeds): The Political Economy and the Perennial Underdevelopment of the Muslim World. The IMF releases its Regional Economic Outlook for the Middle East and Central Asia. From NYRB, will Saudi Arabia ever change? A review essay by Hugh Eakin. Paul Berman on Boualem Sansal’s Rue Darwin, or Darwin Street, the novel that frightened Hamas and the Arab League. Decline is not a river in Egypt: Why does the Arab world still think America is all-powerful? Justice in the Arab world: Transitional justice expert David Tolbert details the challenges facing newly democratic countries in the region. Jo Tatchell on the allure of desert nations. Islamist vs. secularists: Daniel Steinvorth on the post-revolution struggle for the Arab soul. A series of entries of The Princeton Encyclopedia of Islamic Political Thought. Order and conformity make for satisfying number puzzles, but eerie countries — welcome, Daniel Tammet, to Oman. Here is the page on the Arabic language.