Louis W. Pauly (Toronto): The Political Resonance of Nixon in China. Terry Conway interviews Au Loong Yu, author of China’s Rise: Strength and Fragility. From Asia Times, Brendan O’Reilly on how China's rise can be peaceful; Francesco Sisci on how the world won't wait for China to change. Gary Anderson reviews The Rise of China vs. the Logic of Strategy by Edward N. Luttwak (and more). Wildlife haven in the Korean DMZ under threat: Agricultural development is encroaching on the biodiversity of the demilitarised zone, destroying habitat and plant life. Kim's Empire: Advancing globalization makes its mark in North Korea. How powerful should Korea's chaebol be? Sangwon Yoon investigates. Turning Japanese: Is this the end of the South Korean miracle? What is required for a new society and politics: Iida Tetsunari on the potential of Japanese civil society. Japan’s Shinzo Abe has a plan to cure what ails rich economies. Samee Siddiqui on the rise and fall of Japan's Democratic Party. Chan Akya on the end of Japan as we know it. Mariko Oi on how Japan's ninjas heading for extinction. Brahma Chellaney on East Asia’s turning point.