Daniel Joyner (Alabama): The Security Council as a Legal Hegemon. Hayder Al-Mohammad (Keele) and Daniela Peluso (Kent): Ethics and the "Rough Ground" of the Everyday: The Overlappings of Life in Postinvasion Iraq. Tess Lanning on feminism and democratic renewal: What are the lessons we can learn from the history of feminism over the last forty years? The themes of Organizing America, Normal Accidents, and The Next Catastrophe are linked: Multiple, independent producers will distribute power and wealth more broadly; consolidation will concentrate wealth and power. A humanist response to mass murder: Anthony B. Pinn on ripping off the cosmic band-aid. A Chilean judge has ordered the arrest of eight former army officers over the arrest, torture and murder of popular leftist singer Victor Jara during a US-backed military coup in 1973. Alternate States: Jeff Madrick on Oliver Stone’s compulsive — and necessary — historical revisions. John Steele Gordon on the Politically Correct Calendar: Among the more irritating manifestations of political correctness, at least to this historian, is the attempt to replace the terms AD and BC with CE and BCE.