Michael Serota and Ethan J. Leib (Fordham): The Political Morality of Voting in Direct Democracy. Steffen Ganghof (Potsdam): Does Public Reason Require Supermajoritarian Democracy? Liberty, Equality, and History in the Justification of Political Institutions. Michael Wilkinson (LSE): Dewey's “Democracy without Politics”: On the Failures of Liberalism and the Frustrations of Experimentalism. Jeremy Waldron (NYU): Toleration: Is There a Paradox? Rainer Forst, Professor of Political Theory at Goethe University Frankfurt, on “Toleration and Democracy”. Christopher J. Voparil on Richard Rorty and the democratic power of the novel. Elliott Sharp on Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s greatest con. David A. Reidy reviews As Free and as Just as Possible: The Theory of Marxian Liberalism by Jeffrey Reiman. Is there a moral case for free markets? Martin O’Neill and Thad Williamson review John Tomasi’s Free Market Fairness. Alan Ryan’s On Politics is a triumph of erudition but focuses too heavily on the west, writes John Keane. An interview with Jodi Dean on political theory. Michael Sandel’s famous Harvard course on justice is now available as a MOOC. John Rawls’s A Theory of Justice: The Musical is coming soon to Oxford.