From Transhumanity, Eric Schulke on why we owe the pursuit of indefinite life extension to our ancestors; Marios Kyriazis on bio-philosophical arguments for human biological immortality: There will be no reason that denies “non-ageing” — but “if they say no”?; the mere possibility of life extension causes anxiety in people who hear of it and want to “punish” the messenger; David Pearce on humans and intelligent machines: Co-evolution, fusion or replacement?; Dirk Bruere writes in praise of the Borg: “Resistance is futile – you will want to be assimilated!”; although we may merge, be absorbed by or voluntarily become that new species it will inevitably lead to the extinction of the current Human genome and phenotype, not to mention the more vague “Human mentality”; and from humanism to transhumanism: It is now clear that humans are not the end of evolution, but just the beginning of a conscious and technological evolution. John Matson interviews Cameron Smith on how multigenerational space exploration missions and colonization might change the human genome and thus shape human evolution. The Great Filter theory suggests humans have already conquered the threat of extinction.