Howard S. Schwartz (Oakland): Reality and Truth in the Politically Correct Organization: The Case of the Dan Rather Memo Debacle at CBS News. The last beat: A murder in Riverside Park changed the lives of a group of Columbia undergrads — did it change literature as well? From Jacobin, brutal either/ors: Sophie Lewis and Hannes Charen interview Drucilla Cornell on family, nostalgia and the failure of formal-equality feminism. Mary L. G. Theroux on women in combat: Women’s lib at last? Trickster and tricked: All gurus try to undermine their followers' egos and expectations, so does it matter if the teacher is a real fraud? The announcement that the bones of English King Richard III have been identified "beyond reasonable doubt" has spurred excitement — and some skepticism — among the archaeological community. The world's fossils are going extinct: It may sound like a strange concept, but fossils are a limited resource and they will run out.