Barak Orbach (Arizona): What Is Government Failure? Iain Woodhouse on seeing academic disciplines as brands. The PhD is in need of revision: Too many students are dropping out of doctoral programs or taking too long to finish, prompting some universities to question what they can do to help them along. Jeff McMahan and John Broome discuss the value of life and the badness of death. Alan S. Blinder on how to worry about the deficit: (1) Don't; (2) wait a few years; (3) then worry about healthcare costs. Garry Wills began by attacking the social teachings of the Church, went on to denounce Humanae Vitae, proceeded to attack the papacy, and has ended up rejecting the priesthood and the sacraments. The luckiest place on Earth: It’s hard to think of what oil hasn’t done to life in the small communities of western North Dakota, good and bad.