From the latest issue of Logos, Douglas Kellner (UCLA): The Sandy Hook Slaughter and Copy Cat Killers in a Media Celebrity Society: Analyses and Plans for Action; Spencer J. Pack on how the Right got Adam Smith wrong on the eve of environmental (and hence economic) catastrophe. Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson on what Bill Gates got wrong about Why Nations Fail: Did the Microsoft founder even read our book before he criticized it? From Tablet, Kinky Friedman reviews Menachem Begin: A Life by Avi Shilon. On questioning the Jewish State: It is not anti-Semitic to argue that a nation that favors one "people" over another can never be fully just. Susan Burgess reviews The Law of Superheroes by James Daily and Ryan Davidson. Corey Robin on the US Senate, where democracy goes to die. Zambia is the place to be for new ideas on think tanks. Louis Michael Seidman on Antonin Scalia's long lost dissenting opinion in Brown v. Board of Education.