Heather Gerken (Yale): Exit, Voice, and Disloyalty. From The Nation, a special issue on the Gilded City: Bloomberg's New York. Bruce Bartlett on the trouble with dynamic scoring. If people could immigrate anywhere, would poverty be eliminated? Some economists are pushing for "open borders". Scott McLemee reviews Mad Men, Mad World: Sex, Politics, Style and the 1960s. John Danaher on revisiting Thomas Nagel on the absurdity of life (and part 2). Elizabeth Drew on Obama and the myth of arm-twisting. Samuel George on the message from Latin America: Austerity, then growth. Reinhart and Rogoff aren’t the problem — the Republican Party is. Eulogy for the blog: As The New York Times moves to eliminate theirs, we should remember its golden age. The atheist who strangled me: In which Sam Harris teaches me Brazilian jiu-jitsu and explains why violence is like rebirth.