Assaf Razin (Tel Aviv): Migration into the Welfare State: Tax and Migration Competition. Josep Colomer (Georgetown): The More Parties, the Greater Policy Stability. Join Wall Street, save the world: Some people join the Peace Corps to do good — but a few have concluded that joining hedge funds is a better way to save the world. Elizabeth Chin on what Jason Richwine should have heard from his PhD committee. On Pankaj Mishra: Thomas Meaney on why a passionate history of global alternatives to liberal capitalism becomes an exercise in nostalgia. From PopMatters, J.C. Macek on creepy myths, curses and urban legends of Hollywood. Adam Rothstein on the accumulation of ruin-space: The earth is becoming a solid mass of scar tissue, as the tracks of human endeavor scour crosshatching into its surface. Gavin McInnes on how gays didn’t kill marriage, divorce did.