Alberto Asquer (SOAS): The Governance of Big Data: Perspectives and Issues. From The Jury Expert, Nathan Weber (Flinders) and Tim Perfect (Plymouth): Why Telling a Witness That It’s OK to Say They Don’t Know Is Good for Justice. Marshall Poe interviews Prasannan Parthasarathi, author of Why Europe Grew Rich and Asia Did Not: Global Economic Divergence, 1600-1850. From The American Scholar, John V. Fleming, author of The Dark Side of the Enlightenment, on what’s to be gained today by studying the Age of Reason; and Pacifique Irankunda on playing at violence: Having grown up amid the horrors of Burundi’s civil war, a young man is bewildered by the American lust for warlike video games. Jim Pasztor on moral hazard and dangers to market stability. A note to Turkey’s prime minister, among others: Winning elections is not enough. Matt Shea on uncovering the "truth" among the conspiracy theorists at the 2013 Bilderberg Fringe Festival.