Marcello Di Paola (LUISS): Wittgenstein Gone Wild. Sarah Schindler (Maine): Banning Lawns. Carter Dillard (Emory): What Is the Primary Right? A Manifesto for Rewilding the World: How a mass restoration of ecosystems offers us hope where there was little hope before (and more). Alan Thornett on population and the environment: time for a rethink. Reuters exposed: Publication openly hostile to climate coverage, top editor doubts climate science. In Arming Mother Nature, Jacob Darwin Hamblin argues that environmentalism is rooted in cold war plans to abuse nature for military ends. Is perennial thinking the solution to conquer world hunger while saving the environment? The International Center for Climate Governance has just released the first-ever ranking of the most world-renowned think tanks that conduct research in the field of climate change economics and policy. Michael Munger on recycling: can it be wrong, when it feels so right? A conversation with Ted Nordhaus, the head of a green think tank who thinks that environmentalism is dead, nuclear energy and gas are alive, and maybe the conservatives had it right all along. The culture of nature: George Monbiot on how the ignorance and philistinism of those who attack nature lovers knows no bounds. Bruno Latour on the political theology of nature. 25 years after Exxon Valdez oil spill, company still hasn't paid for long-term environmental damages.