From the Journal of Business and Public Affairs, Birgit Smart, Amanda Campbell, Barlow Soper, and Walter Buboltz, Jr. (Louisiana Tech): Masculinity/Femininity and Automotive Behaviors: Emerging Knowledge for Entrepreneurs. From Newsweek, do women lead differently than men? A series on women and power. A review of The Myth of Mars and Venus: Do Men and Women Really Speak Different Languages? by Deborah Cameron. Feminism and romance go hand in hand: Study reveals that feminism is healthy for intimate relationships. Live fast, love hard, die young: A look at how chasing females can take years off life. From Scientific American, an article on the trouble with men: Deadbeat granddads, life-shortening sons and genetically bullying brothers—these are just a few effects revealed in biologist Virpi Lummaa's studies of how evolutionary forces shape later generations. Wit is the product of social constructs favouring men — which is why women aren't as good at it.