Jean-Louis Marin-Lamellet (Lyon): What’s the Matter with Benjamin O. Flower? Populism, Antimonopoly Politics and the “Paranoid Style” at the Turn of the Century. JFK conspiracy theories are alive and well, according to Gallup poll. Fifty years after JFK’s assassination, another wave of conspiracy theories has arrived — little-known professor John McAdams has spent his last 20 years fighting the skeptics. Fred Kaplan on why the best conspiracy theories about JFK’s assassination don’t stand up to scrutiny. Fifty years later after the JFK assassination, a complicit media still covers up for the security state — we need to reclaim our history. Who killed JFK? Fifty years on, slew of new books add fuel to conspiracy fire. Conspiracy theorists aren’t really skeptics: William Saletan on the fascinating psychology of people who know the real truth about JFK, UFOs, and 9/11 (and more). John Cassidy writes a word in favor of JFK conspiracy theories. Adam Gopnik on the assassination of JFK, fifty years later (and a response by Josh Ozersky on the big problem with calling people "conspiracy theorists"). Photos show Kennedy hatred in 1960s Dallas looks a lot like Obama hatred today. Skeptics gone wild: Saul Elbein on navigating America’s conspiracy theory culture. Benjamin Wallace-Wells on the truly paranoid style in American politics. Joe Coscarelli interviews Alex Jones, America’s leading (and proudest) conspiracy theorist. Five things they don’t want you to know: Jesse Walker on the myths about the paranoid tales we tell.