Sarah Snyder (St. John’s): The Task of the Critic: An Introduction to the Literary Project of the Frankfurt School. Alexei Procyshyn (Macau): The Origins of Walter Benjamin's Concept of Philosophical Critique. Nicolai Krejberg Knudsen (Aarhus): Redemptive Revolutions: The Political Hermeneutics of Walter Benjamin. Isobel Roele (Cardiff): The Vicious Circles of Habermas' Cosmopolitics. Michael J. Thompson (William Paterson): The Base-Superstructure Hypothesis and the Foundations of Critical Theory; and Axel Honneth and the Neo-Idealist Turn in Critical Theory. Rutger Claassen (Utrecht): Social Freedom and the Demands of Justice: A Study of Axel Honneth's Recht der Freiheit. Jensen Suther interviews Axel Honneth, author of Reification: A New Look at an Old Idea. Idealism and critical theory: Fred Rush interviewed by Richard Marshall. Philosophy’s unworkable poles: Tom Hastings reviews Adorno and the Ends of Philosophy by Andrew Bowie. From Ceasefire, Andrew Robinson on Walter Benjamin: Culture and revolution; and Walter Benjamin: Politics of everyday life. The name of the critic: Ben Mauk reviews Walter Benjamin: A Critical Life by Howard Eiland and Michael W. Jennings. Walter Benjamin’s Afterlife: Eric Banks on how Harvard University Press editor Lindsay Waters helped bring a German man of letters to prominence. Through reflections on Occupy’s politics, Heathwood Press has been at the forefront of a reconfiguration of critical theory for revolutionary practice. You can download Realizing Philosophy: Marx, Lukacs and the Frankfurt School by Andrew Feenberg (2014).