Shawn Kaplan (Adelphi): Punitive Warfare, Counterterrorism and Jus Ad Bellum. Christos Boukalas (Cardiff): No Exceptions: Authoritarian Statism, Agamben, Poulantzas and Homeland Security. Amitai Etzioni (GWU): A Liberal Communitarian Paradigm for Counterterrorism. Christina Eckes (ACELG): Individuals in a Pluralist World: The Implications of Counter‐Terrorist Sanctions. Aziz Z. Huq (Chicago): The Political Psychology of Counterterrorism. Fiona De Londras (Durham): Counter-Terrorist Detention and International Human Rights Law; and Counter-Terrorist Judicial Review as Regulatory Constitutionalism. Ben Saul and Mary Flanagan (Sydney): Torture and Counter-Terrorism. Peter Margulies (Roger Williams): The NSA in Global Perspective: Surveillance, Human Rights, and International Counterterrorism. Sudha Setty (WNE): Country Report on Counterterrorism: United States of America. Before the smoke cleared: Brian Michael Stewart on decision-making in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. Tanjil Rashid reviews The Muslims are Coming! Islamophobia, Extremism, and the Domestic War on Terror by Arun Kundnani. Katherine Hawkins on the terrorism that torture didn’t stop: Supporters of “enhanced interrogation” tout dubious claims of its effectiveness but ignore two cases where it failed to thwart terrorism. David Rhode on how our fear of Al-Qaeda hurts us more than Al-Qaeda does. The falsified War on Terror: Peter Dale Scott on how the US has protected some of its enemies. Neo-democracy, national security, and liberty: David Cole reviews Liberty and Security by Conor Gearty. The world is becoming a safer place for all — except terrorists.