Alexander Tsesis (Loyola): First Amendment Constitutionalism. Timothy Zick (William and Mary): Rights Speech. Joseph Blocher (Duke): Nonsense and the Freedom of Speech: What Meaning Means for the First Amendment. Frederick Schauer (Virginia): Free Speech on Tuesdays. Michal Buchhandler-Raphael (Washington and Lee): Overcriminalizing Speech. Toni M. Massaro (Arizona): Tread on Me! (“Freedom of speech doctrine is an analytical and theoretical morass”.) Andres Moles (CEU): The Public Ecology of Freedom of Association. Nelson Tebbe (Brooklyn): Associations and the Constitution: Four Questions About Four Freedoms. David B. Kopel (Denver): The First Amendment Guide to the Second Amendment. Lawrence Rosenthal (Chapman): The Limits of Second Amendment Originalism and the Constitutional Case for Gun Control. Glenn Harlan Reynolds (Tennessee): The Second Amendment as Ordinary Constitutional Law. Nelson Lund (George Mason): The Second Amendment and the Inalienable Right to Self-Defense. Sandra Eismann-Harpen (Salmon P. Chase): Rambo Cop: Is He a Soldier Under the Third Amendment? Michael Mannheimer (Northern Kentucky): The Contingent Fourth Amendment. Robert M. Bloom and Dana Walsh (Boston College): The Fourth Amendment Fetches Fido: New Approaches to Dog Sniffs. Marc Jonathan Blitz (OCU): The Fourth Amendment Future of Public Surveillance: Remote Recording and Other Searches in Public Space. Taly G Matiteyahu (Columbia): Drone Regulations and Fourth Amendment Rights: The Interaction of State Drone Statutes and the Reasonable Expectation of Privacy. John F. Stinneford (Florida): The Illusory Eighth Amendment. From, Randall Munroe on free speech. Justice John Paul Stevens on the five extra words that can fix the Second Amendment (and Scott Lemieux on how John Paul Stevens would amend the Constitution). David Weigel on the Second Amendment and felons: Your brand new GOP wedge issue. Kevin Drum on how the Fourth Amendment takes yet another body blow.