Michael Greenberg on the new resistance: The first weeks of the Trump administration have felt at times like the onset of a kind of cold civil war. House Democrats look for ways to resist Trump. Funding the resistance: Taking a stand against Trump has material consequences for government workers — here’s how we can help. The anti-Trump resistance: Lawyers lead the fight against the White House. Noah Strote on what American liberals can learn from the anti-Nazi resistance: If you divide conservatives, you can build a governing majority — it's worth the cost. How can the art world resist Trump? Probably not very well — contemporary art isn't up to the challenge. A blueprint for resistance to Trump has emerged — here’s what it looks like.

Are Democrats having their tea party moment? With the progressive grassroots agitating for change, the Democratic Party is rushing to reinvent itself as an opposition party. A new, liberal tea party is forming — can it last without turning against Democrats? Trump resistance is like the tea party — but with truth on its side.