Ryan C. Black (Michigan State) and Amanda Clare (Minnesota): The Policy Consequences of Term Limits on the U.S. Supreme Court. Eric Segall (Georgia State): Eight Justices are Enough: A Proposal to Improve the United States Supreme Court. RonNell Andersen Jones (Utah) and Aaron Nielson (BYU): Clarence Thomas the Questioner. Brian Christopher Jones (Liverpool Hope) and Austin Sarat (Amherst): Justices as Sacred Symbols: Antonin Scalia and the Cultural Life of the Law. Mitchell N. Berman (Penn): The Tragedy of Justice Scalia. Alan E. Garfield (Widener): How Conservative Justices Are Undermining Our Democracy (or What's at Stake in Choosing Justice Scalia's Successor?).

Why we must not normalize the Gorsuch nomination: Judge Neil Gorsuch may be a really nice guy, but that doesn't matter if his record on every issue progressives care about is dangerously regressive. Does Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee believe the constitution is God's law? You may hear a lot about an arcane legal theory at Neil Gorsuch's confirmation hearings.