Margaret Boone Rappaport (Human Sentience Project) and Christopher Corbally (Arizona): Did Morality First Evolve in Homo erectus? Justin Tosi (Michigan) and Brandon Warmke (BGSU): Moral Grandstanding. Valerio Capraro (Middlesex), Jonathan Sippel, Bonan Zhao, Levin Hornischer, Zoi Terzopoulou and Simone F Griffioen (Amsterdam), and Morgan Savary and Pierre Faucher (Centrale Marseille): Are Kantians Better Social Partners? People Making Deontological Judgments are Perceived to be More Prosocial than they Actually Are. Elizabeth Foreman reviews Moral Reasoning in a Pluralistic World by Patricia Marino. On the nature of normativity: Richard Marshall interviews Ralph Wedgwood, a philosopher who asks questions related to ethics and epistemology.

Gunnar Bjornsson (Stockholm): The Significance of Ethical Disagreement for Theories of Ethical Thought and Talk. From the Journal of Practical Ethics, Hugh LaFollette (South Florida): The Greatest Vice? (“I describe and evaluate four common explanations of evil before discussing more mundane and psychologically informed explanations of wrong-doing”); and Cecile Fabre (Oxford): Ignorance, Humility and Vice. Yuval Feldman (Bar-Ilan): Curbing the Corruption of “Good People”: Integrating Legal and Behavioral Perspectives on Ethicality. Judging the morality of utilitarian actions: How poor utilitarian accessibility makes judges irrational.