Robert P. Merges (UC-Berkeley): Philosophical Foundations of IP Law: The Law and Economics Paradigm. Deborah Tuerkheimer (Northwestern): Incredible Women: Sexual Violence and the Credibility Discount. It’s not just Uber: The dysfunction and harassment Susan Fowler experienced doesn’t just happen at Uber — it pervades our working lives. Madison Malone Kircher on how Uber got here. Mark Carrigan on Uber as a moral project. Jeff Sessions considers special counsel, but not for Trump — for his Department of Justice predecessors under former President Barack Obama. In Poland, a preview of what Trump could do to America. Timothy Williamson on vagueness, or, when is a heap of sand not a heap of sand?

Paul Ryan just admitted he has no idea how health insurance works. Is the far Right actually going to kill Trumpcare? Yes, conservatives hate the term “care”. The Great Republican Swindle: The Trump administration and GOP Congress are lying about Obamacare and their proposed replacement — if they succeed, it would be one of the great scams in the history of Congress.