Christiane Baumeister (Notre Dame) and Lutz Kilian (Michigan): Lower Oil Prices and the U.S. Economy: Is This Time Different? Turkey, facing disunity under Erdogan, finds an enemy in Europe. A win for South Korea’s revolution. Bethany Mclean on the backstory behind that “Fearless Girl” statue on Wall Street. Is Jared Kushner getting a “sweetheart deal”? The First Son-in-Law’s family is set to receive $400 million from a Chinese company in a deal with “unusually favorable” terms. Trump’s budget chief says Obama fudged jobs data — if that were true, he’d be able to prove it. An excerpt from The Perils of “Privilege”: Why Injustice Can’t Be Solved by Accusing Others of Advantage by Phoebe Maltz Bovy.

CBO estimates 24 million lose coverage under GOP plan — the devastating report, explained (and more and more and more). Mark Thoma on why the Republican healthcare plan is destined to fail. To get what they want, Republicans learn to play Trump against Ryan. Republicans should fear what Democrats will do when they return to power: The GOP is tempting fate by replacing Obamacare with Trumpcare.