Steve Bannon and the making of an economic nationalist: The controversial White House counselor says his father's 2008 financial trauma helped crystallize his antiglobalist views and led to a political hardening; "I'm going to be totally wiped out". During his political rise, Stephen K. Bannon was a man with no fixed address. "The world is on fire": At a 2014 party at the "Breitbart Embassy", Steve Bannon promised a remaking of America. Bannon's vision of the world isn't what makes America great. The man who wants to unmake the West: Europeans are starting to worry that Steve Bannon has the EU in his cross hairs — here's how the White House could genuinely help pull it apart.

Timothy Egan on the bombs of Steve Bannon. Kevin Drum has a theory about Steve Bannon and AHCA. The betrayal of democracy: Chris Lehmann on finding Christopher Lasch in a Steve Bannon listicle.