Noe Cornago (UPV): Diplomatic Knowledge. From Foreign Affairs, good foreign policy is invisible: James Goldgeier and Elizabeth N. Saunders on why boring is better. How wealthy donors drive aggressive foreign policy: As the influence of high-dollar donors grows, so too will our bellicosity. Trump's alpha male foreign policy: Susan Glasser spoke with three of the Alpha Ladies of national security, and they are not impressed. Do women matter to national security? The men who lead U.S. foreign policy don't think so. Trump takes on The Blob: Washington's foreign policy elites are used to battling America's adversaries; now they have a new common enemy — the president. The Trump White House's plan to starve the foreign policy establishment.

Inside the media war at the State Department: Why is Rex Tillerson so scared of the spotlight? Rex Tillerson might be the weakest Secretary of State ever: There are five avenues to power at Foggy Bottom, and they're all blocked to the current man in charge. A weaker State Department could cause problems for national defense. White House seeks to cut billions in funding for United Nations: U.S. retreat from U.N. could mark a "breakdown of the international humanitarian system as we know it". Eric Rosand on why Trump needs the United Nations.

Americans are moving all the way to New Zealand to get away from Trump. Robert Ayson (Victoria): Donald Trump's Foreign Policy: Early Implications for New Zealand.