From The Rumpus, Andrew Harnish on Mark Greif's Against Everything and the arbitrary nature of success in Trump's America. Trump has sold out his voters for Corporate America: The president's early policies benefit corporations and the rich at the expense of everyday Americans. Thread: "Can we talk about working-class Trump voters for a minute? Will they ever realize or admit how completely they were scammed?" Yes, Trump scammed many of his working-class supporters — this new analysis leaves little doubt. Fear of diversity made people more likely to vote Trump — and economic populism might not win them back.

What are we to think about individuals who vote against their manifest self-interest? Robert Paul Wolff on are three classical answers to this question, which are customarily associated with Bentham, Rousseau, and Marx. Why I'll never sympathize with regretful Trump voters: They brought this disaster on themselves — they must own it.