From Vice, the latest on a running guide to Donald Trump's highly abnormal presidency: Trump overrules his NSA chief on minor staffing decision because Bannon and Kushner said so. Inside Trump's Breitbart brain: Bannonism will remain integral to Trumpism no matter what happens to Steve Bannon himself. As the Trump administration careens from one screw up to the next, it's becoming clear that White House Counsel Donald McGahn is responsible for a lot of it. Prerequisite for key White House posts: Loyalty, not experience. Paranoia seizes Trump's White House: Staffers are leaving their phones at home, using secret apps and monitoring each other's social media. The roots and risks of Trump’s dysfunction: The administration is consumed by paranoia and feuds — it could be the president's undoing.

Republicans are divided on the best way to deprive millions of their health-care coverage, but they are a cohesive pack when it comes to ganging up on the federal workforce. Trump lets key offices gather dust amid "slowest transition in decades". A president without an administration: Trump isn't actually running anything. Yes, Trump is being held accountable: Don't despair — our constitutional system is working as it's supposed to. Is the system working to constrain President Trump? Let's explore a few op-eds arguing that Donald Trump is being tamed by the system and not vice versa. How Baby Donald slew the imperial presidency: He deserves one good cheer for burning the throne and trashing the crown.