Rosa Zwaal (UCR): Social Identity and Representation in the Trading Card Game Community. When labor fought for civil rights: Rich Yeselson reviews Racial Realignment: The Transformation of American Liberalism, 1932–1965 by Eric Schickler and Forging Rivals: Race, Class, Law, and the Collapse of Postwar Liberalism by Reuel Schiller. It’s official: Seattle breaks record for most consecutive days without rain. If Mary Beard is right, what’s happened to the DNA of Africans from Roman Britain? Jonathan Chait on the alt-Right and Glenn Greenwald versus H.R. McMaster. It looks like Trump is throwing over Manafort. How this 30-year-old book predicted today’s politics: Sean Illing interviews Lance Strate, author of Amazing Ourselves to Death: Neil Postman’s Brave New World.