Jenann Ismael (Arizona): A Philosopher of Science Looks at Idealization in Political Theory. Lee Trepanier (Saginaw Valley): The Relevance of Political Philosophy and Political Science. Tariq Modood (Bristol) and Simon Thompson (UWE): Revisiting Contextualism in Political Theory: Putting Principles into Context. James Tully (Victoria): Deparochializing Political Theory and Beyond: A Dialogue Approach to Comparative Political Thought (and responses). Murad Idris (Virginia): Political Theory and the Politics of Comparison. Elizabeth Magill (Stanford) and Daniel R. Ortiz (Virginia): Comparative Positive Political Theory and Empirics. Susan Mendus (York): Contingency in Political Philosophy. Jonathan Cole on why political theology must be engaged more profoundly with political philosophy.

Friderik Klampfer (Maribor): The False Promise of Thought Experimentation in Moral and Political Philosophy. Erik Ringmar (Lund): The Anti-Nomadic Bias of Political Theory. Emma Saunders-Hastings reviews Global Political Theory, ed. David Held and Pietro Maffettone. The introduction to The International Origins of Social and Political Theory, ed. Tarak Barkawi and George Lawson. Nation and imagination: Craig Calhoun on how Benedict Anderson revolutionized political theory. What does distraction mean for political theory and political philosophy? Christopher Freiman on 7 key conversations that are dominating the field of political philosophy today.