Alexander Brown (East Anglia): What is Hate Speech? Part 1: The Myth of Hate. Migrants are being forced off boats and deliberately drowned by smugglers off Yemen coast. Countries around the world move to repeal “marry your rapist” laws. What it feels like on Guam, caught between Trump and North Korea. The opioid epidemic, explained: The opioid epidemic could kill as many as 650,000 people in the next decade — here’s how it got so bad. We have a political problem no one wants to talk about: Very old politicians. From Vogue, Chelsea Manning changed the course of history — now she’s focusing on herself. Most of what you think you know about human reasoning is wrong: Henry Farrell interviews Hugo Mercier, co-author of The Enigma of Reason.

Trump thanks Putin for kicking American diplomats out of Russia — this is not a joke. What does it say that half the GOP base would support Trump’s authoritarianism? Trump’s terrible deals: The president is claiming credit for a series of corporate investments in the U.S., even though they come with expensive strings attached. Republicans fall back in love with crony capitalism.