Dylan Scott on the state of American health care, in 5 charts. The Left has made Medicare for All a mainstream, Democratic policy. On single-payer, the Democratic floodgates have opened. Sen. Murphy thinks he can build an on-ramp to single-payer health care (and more). Single-payer isn’t the only progressive option on health care. Nancy LeTourneau on a robust debate on options for getting to universal coverage. Dylan Matthews on the stunning Democratic shift on single-payer. Are you sure you want single payer? “Medicare for all” is a popular idea, but for Americans, transitioning to such a system would be difficult, to say the least (and more). Democrats are rushing to embrace single payer — can it be a political winner?

The same agency that runs Obamacare is using taxpayer money to undermine it. This is what Obamacare sabotage looks like. Trump takes his sabotage of Obamacare to a new level (and more). Once Obamacare repeal is dead, the GOP has no plan B. Republicans wind up one last Hail Mary to repeal Obamacare: Cassidy-Graham faces a tricky schedule and tough politics.