George Cairns (QUT): What is Postnormal When There is No Normal? A Postdichotomous View of the Histories of the Past, Present and Future. Nina Varsava (Stanford): Dating Markets and Love Stories: Freedom and Fairness in the Pursuit of Intimacy and Love. John Saunders on the crackdown in Cambodia. Alex Nichols on the strange life of Peter Daou: Why do powerful people pay him to do things? (and more) Sarah Huckabee Sanders destroys norm of DOJ independence, lays out case for political prosecution of Comey. Sally Quinn’s next act: Three years after Ben Bradlee’s death, she has a memoir about embracing the supernatural. The introduction to A Thirst for Empire: How Tea Shaped the Modern World by Erika Rappaport.

Why is Trump so awkward in Washington? He’s a New Yorker. Exiles on Pennsylvania Avenue: How Jared and Ivanka were repelled by Washington’s elite. I’m so glad Jared and Ivanka are miserable in Washington D.C. The Ivanka Trump guarantee: Stop wondering which of these people will save us —- there is not going to be a surprise silver lining to this presidency.