From NYRB, James Mann on the adults in the room. How Tillerson is trying to save the Iran deal from his boss. Rex Tillerson at the breaking point: Will Donald Trump let the Secretary of State do his job? “Cause non-morons do stuff like that” (and more and more). Peter Beinart on what Bob Corker really fears: Why does the Republican chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee see the specter of World War III? Republicans irked at Corker’s myopic obsession with preventing catastrophe. Corker was channeling most Republican senators — you wouldn’t know it from their silence. The bizarre situation where only retiring Republicans will talk about Trump’s fitness for office.

White House insiders paint a grim picture of Trump’s increasingly volatile behavior. The latest White House leaks showcase Trump’s art of the tantrum. President Trump’s temper tantrums are coming at an accelerating pace. White House aides lean on delays and distraction to manage Trump. Amid a widening rift, John Kelly has a Mar-a-Lago strategy to contain Trump. Trump Implosion Watch: Adult day-care center edition. CNN’s Bernstein: “The wheels are coming off the presidency”.