FBI probe of Paul Manafort focuses on 13 “suspicious” wire transfers. There was no reason to hire Manafort except to collude with Russia. What did Cambridge Analytica really do for Trump’s campaign? Erica Pandey on the big questions surrounding the Trump-Russia dossier (and more). Nancy LeTourneau on what the Steele dossier got right. Seven frequently asked Mueller indictment questions for which we don’t have the answers. Robert Mueller sends a message: He’s deadly serious. Mueller has authority to name President Trump as an “unindicted coconspirator”. CNN legal analyst: Charges filed in Mueller probe means it will last “well into 2018”.

Brian Beutler on the makings of a GOP pseudo-scandal. How low will Republicans sink after Mueller indictments? Thread: “It seems to me that people aren't quite getting how close we are to a crisis of legitimacy”. Are we in a constitutional crisis (yet)? “Reporters should really get GOP members of Congress on the record now about what they'd do if Trump fires Mueller?”. “Is this Trump’s version of ‘Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?’”. “The pointless, incoherent howl of DO SOMETHING! is pretty much where I’m at right now”.

“My prediction: Mueller fired, blanket pardons, Rs defend, Russians hack again in 2018, House Ds win popular vote by 7 points, GOP majority”.