Amber Murrey (AUC): “When Spider Webs Unite They Can Tie up a Lion”: Anti-Racism, Decolonial Options and Theories from the South. Jozef Jaworski (Tarnow): Prayer as an Expression of Love. Is Uzbekistan a breeding ground for terrorism? ISIS is selling stolen artifacts on eBay, Amazon, Facebook, WhatsApp. Amelia Tait on what we learned about Osama bin Laden from the contents of his computer. We're becoming numb to terrorism — that might be a good thing. The visa lottery wins America goodwill — ending it is a mistake. People have multiple abortions — and stigmatizing them is counterproductive. Elizabeth Bruenig on the political uses of evil. Congress can give every American a pony (if it breeds enough ponies).

Five key takeaways from the tech hearings. Why Facebook and Twitter can’t be trusted to police themselves. The big tech companies can’t stop the bleeding in Washington. Russia’s social media propaganda was hiding in plain sight. Russia hackers had targets worldwide, beyond US election. Moscow has been honing an information age art of war through fake news, disinformation, leaks, and trolling for more than a decade — how can free societies protect themselves? The bots that are changing politics: A taxonomy of politibots, a swelling force in global elections that cannot be ignored.