Alyssa Ney (UC-Davis): Are the Questions of Metaphysics More Fundamental Than Those of Science? Seungbae Park (UNIST): The Unificatory Power of Scientific Realism. How things hang together: George Scialabba reviews Convergence: The Idea at the Heart of Science: How the Different Disciplines are Coming Together to Tell One Coherent, Interlocking Story, and Making Science the Basis for Other Forms of Knowledge by Peter Watson. Moti Mizrahi (FIT): What’s So Bad About Scientism? Rik Peels (VU Amsterdam): Ten Reasons to Embrace Scientism. Stephen Wolfram on A New Kind of Science: A 15-year view.

From HumanaMente, a special issue on Beyond Toleration? Inconsistency and Pluralism in the Empirical Sciences. Carl F. Craver and Mark Povich (WUSTL): The Directionality of Distinctively Mathematical Explanations. Kun Wu (XJTU) and Joseph Brenner (CIRET): Philosophy of Information: Revolution in Philosophy: Towards an Informational Metaphilosophy of Science. Why philosophy is so important in science education.