Julia Downes (Open): “It's Not the Abuse That Kills You, It’s the Silence”: The Silencing of Sexual Violence Activism in Social Justice Movements in the UK Left. From Vox, Nicole Hemmer on #MeToo’s roots in the feminist awakening of the 1960s; and Hope Reese interviews Stephanie Coontz on backlash: “#MeToo is powerful but will fail unless we do more”. A new prescription for tackling sexual violence: How some advocates are looking to dismantle rape culture using public health strategies. Constance Grady on the complicated, inadequate language of sexual violence. Ken Armstrong and T. Christian Miller on when sexual assault victims are charged with lying.

Why do we condemn some men and forget about others? How to identify serial harassers in the workplace. Sex and power in Washington: Why the capital is ripe for sexual abuse — and why that’s unlikely to change. To hell with the witch-hunt debate: The post-Weinstein moment isn’t a war on sex — it’s a long-overdue revolution.