From New York, a look at what’s at play in the 2018 Senate races. Terry McAuliffe’s dead-serious advice for Democrats: Have some fun. Nancy LeTourneau on an “all hands on deck” approach to the Resistance. Rebecca Solnit on the 11 biggest victories against Trump by the resistance. Stop the sniping, Washington Democrats — learn from the grass roots. A grand anti-Trump coalition is a terrible idea for Democrats: A centrist Popular Front to fight the unpopular president would only demoralize Democrats and empower Trumpism. The Democrats’ dangerous obsession with impeachment: The party needs to focus on winning elections, not removing Trump.

Liberals need to take their fingers out of their ears: Many Democrats continue to have little understanding of their own role in creating the conditions that make conservatives willing to support Trump. The Democratic party is fine: It is the most united American party in modern political history.