Jeff D. Rotman and Mansur Khamitov (Western Ontario) and Scott Connors (Washington State): Lie, Cheat, and Steal: How Harmful Brands Motivate Consumers to Act Unethically. The battle for Iran: Change will not come easily, peacefully, or soon. Powerful Hollywood women unveil anti-harassment action plan. Donald Trump doesn’t understand what’s happening in Iran: The president’s tweets about the recent protests are misleading and dangerous to protesters. The world in 2018 — what could possibly go wrong? We escaped 2017 without a major global incident, but the other shoe may be about to drop. The U.S. funeral industry is the most expensive and corporate in the world — can Americans find a better way to grieve?

TPM is pleased to announce the winners of the 11th Annual Golden Duke Awards recognizing the year’s best purveyors of public corruption, outlandish behavior, The Crazy, and general nonsense in this fine nation’s political arena.